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 Optical and Photonics Devices Test & Measurement Setup
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We develop test and optimization platforms for your projects.

We develop software with graphical user interface for your test and optimization platform.


Erbion Consultants  
Phone: 415 637 7208  

Our Services
We specialize in developing software with custom graphical user interface for optical test and measurement platforms that include:
  • characterizing optical and photonics devices 
  • instrument control 
  • data acquisition 
  • report generation
  • automation
Some examples of the systems we have developed are stand alone application software with GUI for testing and optimization platform of:
  • erbium doped fiber amplifiers (EDFA). 
  • arrayed waveguide gratings (AWG) and waveguides
  • tunable optical dispersion compensators (TODC). 
We also specialize in  developing highly sensitive spectroscopy systems (emission, absorption, transmission, pump and probe, etc.) for UV/VIS/IR, auto aligning and photo-fabrication systems.
Tell us about your specific application and optical testing requirements, and let your design engineers focus on the design.