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 Optical and Photonics Devices Test & Measurement Setup
 Instrument Control / Data Acquisition /  Automation
 Custom Graphical User Interface

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A product is not complete until it is shippable.

A product is not shippable until it is fully tested and optimized.



Erbion Consultants  
Phone: 415 637 7208  

About Us
Erbion was  established in August 2008 as a consulting firm open for highly talented engineers and scientists practicing as independent consultants. Areas of expertise include but not limited to software development for test and measurement  platforms used in characterization of  optical and photonics devices.

We Optimize Your Testing Time and Cost
Our well trained experts bring down your testing costs by
  • implementing the most robust and fastest algorithms for your specific application.
  • efficient usage of testing equipment.
  • integration of multiple testing procedures.
  • automation of data acquisition, data storage, data analysis, and generating reports.                
We deliver the best solution and we deliver it on time.